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    May 18, 2013
    12:00 - 1:01am PDT  

>> you got it, my man! let's bet dinner. >> team trace. >> i love trace adkins. >> i don't care. >> that's it for "the five." thanks for welcome to "red eye." it is like muppets take manhattan if by manhattan you mean my clothes off. let's go to andy levy for a pre game report. andy? stop shaking your head. you know you like. it what's coming up on tonight's show? >> did president obama personally direct the irs to target the tea party and other conservative groups? probably not. we will investigate if she should be impeached anyway. and the latest on the justice department seizing phone records and why it could mean impeachment for president obama. and pen gillette talks about being a finalist on "seb bra tee apprentice --" celebrity apprentice". >> your work is
unimpeachable. >> go away. >> let's welcome our guest. she is so sharp that scissors call her for advice. i am here with kennedy special correspondent stossel as well as fox contributor. and if thoughtful commentary was a refund i would blow him in a casino. it is tom shillue. what is that? his latest cd is called "halfway there" and bill schulz looking weird as ever. and he can drowned you in a thimble of spit. mike baker, former cia operative and current president of diligence. diligence makers of diligence wine glassersers and pencils and ice cream. diligence, your skull is our paperweight. >> has the new logo on our letter head. >> a block. the lede. that's the first story. and now here is your host, jerky mcgi ideon.
>> that's not new. it is so dire he is taking friendly fire. the president is now getting pummeled by his own pals as the white house scandals grow more scandily. charlie wrangle says obama owes explanations for the doj and irs mess. >> i don't think anyone truly believes the president has given a sufficient answer for america much less press. >> they don't have enough guests on that show. the president is in such a pickle chris matthew's leg barely has a tickle. the host said the irs scandal, quote, underminds the basic trust in government." what does obama have to say? does he think it is inexcusable and americans are right to be angry about it and she an gruey about it? and will he not tolerate this behavior in any agency, but especially in the irs? >> it is inexcusable, and americans are right to be angry about it and i am angry about it. i will not tolerate this kind of behavior in any agenty, but
especially in the irs. >> glad you said what i wrote or whatever. obama also announced that the acting head of the irs, steven miller, has resigned in the fallout. i hope he takes a jet airliner somewhere. meanwhile, we are learning more about the -- that was so stupid -- about the irs shadiness. the agency reportedly ordered a conservative educational group to turnover a list of high school and college students it trained in order to get tax exempt status. said the founder of limp pins of lib -- lynch pins of liberty, great name. can you imagine my responsibility to parents if i disclose the names of the children, to the irs? speaking of mentors i have a program called greg's gang and i am proud of these youngsters. ♪
>> irs, you stay away from that booty. baker -- >> go to someone else after that video. somebody else has to start. >> you work for the government. >> yes. >> steven miller resigns. >> right. >> is that it? then it is over? >> by the way, big old jet airliner is not his best song. >> i would say "keep on rocking me baby." >> that's good. >> followed by "take the money and run." >> that's a good one. >> didn't like "jungle love." >> what about fly like an eagle to the sea? >> see we are eating up my time. >> anyway, kennedy, you don't want to answer this? >> he couldn't stand up after greg's game. greg's gang. >> is president obama hoping this resignation will solve all of his problems? >> no, he can't be that naive. but somebody had to go initially, and then they will do an investigation lead by
whom we don't know. then someone else will go. this is what they will do. as long as the president believes it is getting closer and closer to the white house people will get shoved under the bus. they have been good at rallying the wagons around hillary clinton. now that benghazi has traction because the press rltzed they were -- realized they were lied to she could get in the firing line at some point. >> tom, welcome to the program. >> thank you. >> i'm glad you left your good humor truck outside. how would you grade the white house's response to the irs scandal from a scale of sad face to f minus? >> it is brilliant. it is generating stories like this saying even the president's friends are turning on it, but they are really not turning on it. did you see the chris math shoes interview? the president -- chris matthews interview? he will have to step up. and he says it is no watergate for sure. so they are going to say the president needs to speak up on this, and then the president comes out and says i'm angry
and you are angry and everybody is angry. he will walk right through this. a couple of guys will resign and everybody will be happy. >> could you do harry reid real quick? >> i can do harry reisner. >> that's not harry reisner. you should do famous people who are now dead. kennedy. >> abe bagota. still living. >> isn't what shillue said kind of true? as long as he checks the boxes of appropriate outrage the media will then pretend to be satisfied or will be. >> if we were talking about a duo of scandals, if we were just talking about the irs in benghazi that would be absolutely true. because you add in the ap the press goes wait a second, that's us. we are going to start governing all of this. maybe there is more to it. maybe there should be more accountability here. i think you are going to see a much tougher lens.
the president will have a difficult time. john boehner is eating truth and pooping justice. he has 30 pounds of republican red meat in his colon and he is about ready to hang the president. >> that was a hell of a metaphor. >> but he eats lots of carrots. you can tell by his complexion. >> you are right though, kennedy. maybe the media is -- they are actually probably tired of their own sikafancy. >> that's the word of the week. if it is not the word of the year you have been slighted. >> i like being slighted. they targeted the lynch pins of legacy. they left your group homeless without pants get tax exempt. is it because they stink? they are so smelly that the irs doesn't want to come to your homeless place of sleep. >> he is joking. we joke on this show. charlie wrangle he actually
had the balls, the kind of bounce, to go against obama and say he has to come clean on some maybe possible scandal that horrible horrible sea cow. he shouldn't be on tv much less saying things to the president much less what he put new yorkers through. >> you don't have to call him a sea cow. >> i apologize to the man that you tee viewers. >> are you talking about the fact he was involved in a scandal? >> yes. >> you have to say that. you can't just call him a sea cow. >> but he seems the way he looks. >> idiot. you can't just call somebody a name. you have to explain why. >> after you gave me a question like that i don't think so. >> what you said is it charlie wrapping gel is involved in a scandal involving money, he does not have the right -- >> he needs a nice car to drive around so he can show people he is a player. i respect that. >> bill's point is well taken
even though he is not explain himself. once you commit some sort of scandal yourself you don't have the high ground anymore. >> i like how none of us have -- >> i don't know if you are moving on, sherrod -- >> he bought lots of apart part ments. he bought low cost apartments and lived in eight of them at the same time. >> which is impressive. >> the only good thing that could come from this is david axel rod who was so off race after the boston marathon bombings, he came out and wanted to throw americans under the bus. he was the one who said they wouldn't say terror or terrorism, but he was the one who said hey, it was tax day and patriot day. this is probably tea partiers. he is making the connection and praying it was american citizens who had done that. i was offended by that. for him to come out and say government is too vats. vast. that is the greatest argument for libertarianism i have seen from this administration. even if he is not technically part of the administration anymore --
>> he is. >> if government is so vast that the president doesn't know anything about. it he is whoafully uninformed or lazy. >> she made an excellent point. i think she wrapped up the segment fairly well. i don't think any of us can improve on what she said. >> i am still thinking about her colon thing with john boehner. >> we can use that. from the irs to another mess. was their seizing displeasing? was that other trifle for obama outcry gathering phone records? the doj said it was necessary to figure out where a serious leak came from. hint, check the hot tub. that's where he usually is in my place. on wednesday the attorney general testified before congress and was able to shed some light on why the justice department acted the way it did. >> i am not familiar why the subpoena was constructed in the way that it was because i
am not a part of the case. i do not know, however, with regard to this particular case why that was or was not done. i don't know what happened there with the interaction between the ap and the justice department. but i don't have a factful basis to answer the questions i was asked because i was recaused. i don't know what has happened in this mattered. >> he didn't shed any light at all. i should read these scripts. as if obama didn't have enough to deal with, look what was happening on the white house lawn this afternoon. >> such a metaphor for the administration, chasing their tails. >> kennedy, go ahead and bash the justice department for trying to keep us safe, you ungrateful libertarian freak.
>> all i'm saying is if janet reno were here, elian gonzalez and waco would look like child's play. e is an em bearing meant toney the add -- embarassment to the administration and to himself. you know people in the f-b-i who are in charge of investigating the investigations, i totally hate him. he actually tried to paw lit size him right off the -- poe lit size him right off the bat try figure out who to throw under the bus and denying denial. republicans -- already calling for my resignation. it is like, well maybe it is because you are a jackass and you shouldn't be the attorney general of the united states of america. >> tom, i have to ask you that it is weird that everybody in the administration only hears about the administration by what they see on tv. >> i just heard about this. he said i don't have a factual basis on which to answer that question. what? >> all of a sudden the democrats are worried about leaks of the press.
they were worried during the bush administration and they loved the leaks every day in the new york times. they julian asan. but not anymore. >> you remind me if montgomery burns was ever young. the hand movement you know with the hand movement. yes, you are montgomery burns as a bachelor. >> i don't know. i am not familiar with his body of work. >> all right, mikey, what is the deal here? if the leak puts america at risk, the justice department, are they wrong to do what they did? it is a hard place to be when you are mike baker. >> it is, it is. i am conflicted. being so handsome it doesn't matter. people don't even listen to you. >> i thought you were referring to eric holder.
here is the thing, and here is why you have to be somewhat conflicted. what they are saying they were going after, the leak involving the operation that was last year in may, that was probably one of the most damaging leaks that we had. it was an on going operation. the white house completely screwed the pooch. what they are not say sght way the president handled it screwed the pooch. we had an asset. >> we had a gerbil. >> okay, richard gear, back off. >> that goes for something. >> that's not that easy to do. >> i ruined your point. >> i enjoyed your point better. we had this asset, and that is not easy to do. we were working with a foreign liaison partner, and it was not just us that got screwed over. it was our partners. it damages our relations and
their equities. there was a leak of this operation and then the white house handled it saying don't worry because we are going up to the election season. they said don't worry. we have been on top of this thing. there was never any danger because be -- we were watching it. we thought, they had somebody here the whole time. it blew the operation out of the water. you have to find the people that are responsible for opening their pie hole on this whole thing. that's true. >> by spying on the press? >> no, this is where the doj is screwed up. there is a very short list of people with access to the operation. they have the classified tickets to actually read in on an operation that sensitive. a handful of people at the white house and a few people on capitol hill and people operationally. the people operationally already had the polygraph jammed up their ass. >> that's how they do it? >> now you want one.
>> if you want to find out who leaked the information you walk over to the white house and you say have i a short list of people who had access to the information. on monday we will start polygraphing. are you good for 2:00 on monday? is that working good for you? you say you further investigate them. that's how you do it. the doj going after the records completely overreaching. >> could the ap argue they were holding the story? >> they did for a short period of time. they couldn't help themselves. they were worried that some other outlet would get the story ahead of them. they knew the source couldn't help themselves and talk further. >> you know what i am beginning to think? i have been asking you to recues yourself for six years. >> i don't know what it means. >> i know. >> you know what i am beginning to see, the administration has become don draper and the press is megan draper and she is slowly finding out that, oh, he is cheating on me. >> and despite the fact that he has a wonderful wang bulge
it may be worth it. >> thank you for that. i didn't have a question, but i wanted to use my metaphor. >> when you take the polygraph do they let you use a lubricant? >> oh bill. >> i am asking for the fans. >> i was using a term of speech. they don't actually jam it up -- you know. >> thanks for pleading the fifth on that one. >> this is a family show. >> it is not a small instrument. >> but they do use a conductive gel, do they not? >> i think they do. >> they used to. >> excuse me, but we did a polygraph on bill schulz four years ago on this show. >> i am still limping. >> and you didn't call me? >> it was great. i asked him one question that he obviously lied about. you can look it up on youtube. do you remember the question? >> he asked mooy if i had put anything up my butt and whether or not i was gay and whether i did anything with animals and a whole list of std's and i passed all of them. but guess what, i have had a
colonoscopy. there, you heard it, america. >> at least we solved some problems. >> what were we talking about initially? >> have i no clue. how do cia agents protect their identity? mike baker discusses his memwior, "i hid a gun inside another gun." we are not going to do this story. we will do the story on spies instead. look at this burger and pretend we are doing a story on a burger.
all right, is he a bad spy or just some guy? russia ordered a u.s. diplomat, ryan fogel to leave
trying to recruit a russian agent in moscow. on monday he was arrested wearing the world's most convincing blonde wig seen here. and he was carrying cash. a letter of recruitment and a copy of my last book, that's odd. fsb, russia's counter intelligence agency, a third secretary at the u.s. beam bough see works at the cia -- embassy works with the cia and they say he was looking for info on the bo -- boston bombing suspects. the state department though wouldn't give details about his job in the cia. we asked an old pal what he thought about ryan fogel. >> credibility, great visions, great sense of humor. >> finally he makes sense. >> was that bill schulz with billy zane? >> they have been dating quite awhile.
you have been in situations and is this a weird set up for the russians to say we caught a spy? this is part of doing business. >> this is part of doing business. anybody who thinks the cold war ended with the fall of the wall is a complete i had -- idiot. this goes on all the time. shocking, i know, that we should try to steel russia's secrets and they are trying to steal ours. >> remember the hot girl? anna chapman? >> the russians had 10 people we kicked out and everybody laughed and said remember the hot one? that was the whole story. all of those people were here to see in case they bump into somebody and then they passed the interesting target to somebody else and that person then looks at another and says i will develop more and hand him to somebody else. it is a long chain. resources, money, time, labor. the russians are very aggressive in this. they have been watching this guy allegedly he is a mild outfit. who knows what the story is. it is not as if they stumbled
across him in the street doing this. they were watching him for awhile. the interesting thing is it is always the timing. why did they choose to play this card now? you have to look at where is the benefit for the russians? the russians were starting to take a little heat because it was clear that they had completely screwed us over. the only way we were going to prevent boston is if they had come clean and shared the little bit of information they filed this big and that was the only way this was going to work. so we started to put the screws on him. we have seen that in the media and the russians play this card and they say we caught this guy. we shouldn't be spying on the russians. >> and people want russian babies. they literally shutdown western adoptions because of another cold war-type scandal. >> i am so not -- i am giving my wife the cold treatment tonight. she is russian. i will be like, what is going on over there, honey? >> it makes you suspect.
people have asked me, tom, i think you are a spy because you are just so weird. >> i know a spy. >> you know who is a spy? kerry russell is a russian spy in brooklyn. >> that's a tv show, my friend. >> i love that show, i think. >> they have wigs there too. >> is he using andy warhol's old wig? >> did they set him up? he looks ill prepared. >> let me explain the wacky wig. this will sound simplistic, but when you are out on the streets and you have a lot of surveillance out there and the russians do surveillance well. everybody is a member of the labor force. you have to move quickly. you are con constantly trying to ensure you don't have surveillance. what are you doing? you are constantly changing your profile. you have to do something to
avoid somebody saying i am watching and watching and watching. whether it is a hat or wig or bag or something different you are looking for -- >> why not do it subtlely? it looks like he was in d ru -- duran-duran there. >> duran-duran? >> that is how montgomery burns would say it. >> he is famished, like the wolf. >> i would like to have duran-duran. >> you are crazy. >> her name is ria. >> may i present an alternative they theory? he was working at the em bay you see and brings in human rights activists and they saw that and didn't like that. they wanted him out because these people he brought in under their noses don't like putin so they slapped the stupid wig on him and threw him in front of the camera and
said he is cia and we caught him and then popped him on a plane to the united states. >> that's a great theory. let's go with yours. >> i think this guy wanted to manage. who could blame him? look it up. >> they are in jail now. >> could tom say it quickly? >> do you have a comment on the show? e-mail us at red eye at fox and do you have a video of your animal doing something? go to fox the half time report from tv's andy levy. i think he is a mole. >> tonight's half time report is sponsored by rain. the water condensed from vapor in the atmosphere that falls and drops from clouds. with the spark miles card from capital one, bjorn earns unlimited rewas for his small business take theseags to room 12 please. [ garth ] bjors small busiss earns double miles
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anything wrong. for that we go to tv's andy levy. hi, andy. >> hi, greg, how are you? >> doing wood and. >> good to hear. >> i don't care. >> nobody does. the irs latest, you said of steven miller's resignation, somebody had to go. here is what steven miller said in his letter to his irs colleagues, quote, it is with regret i will be departing from the irs as my acting assignment ends in early june. that's not much of a resignation. jay and never because they are --
>> and never because they are being forced out. it is time for me to go because i am moving to other opportunities. >> it sounds like his assignment ends in early june. >> also, he's acting. >> he is a crisis actor. >> my point is he is the first in what will be a series of dismissals. if not, then -- >> my only point was this was not much of a dismissal if he was scheduled to leave in a couple weeks anyway. >> you are absolutely correct on this one. >> kennedy, i feel a little sorry for miller. i am worried as you are it may take weeks or a month to find a lobbyist position. >> that is the best job in washington right now. that is a plum assignment. it used to be the most hated, and now it is the most coveted role. >> what is the deal with the lobbyist? >> i know this one. because at the hotel that was built just prior to the civil
war, all of the individuals would hang out and looking for favors from the president, dwrant, and they were called lobbyists because they were looking for favors from the president. >> good job, mike baker jie. grant putnam? >> why are we acting like that is special information. it is a lobbyist. they are from the lobby. >> you didn't know the name of the hotel. >> andy. tom, you said the president's friends aren't turning on him. chris matthews is turning to the white racists and turning to white supreme ma see. >>? a couple days they will go back. here is how i differ with kennedy. they like it this way. turn on the faucet and then turn it off again. >> might be right. bill i am with you. i guess charlie wrangle has not been a big fan of the irs
since 2010. >> i am thinking he forgot about it. >> and kennedy, i am with you regarding david axelrod. saying the government is too big and we can't know everything that is going on. >> thank you, david axelrod. >> you know what that is like? that is like saying i am so fat i can't possibly know how much i am eating, right? >> i might just try it out on "the five." sometimes i work my material here. >> sometimes? >> all the time. >> tom, you said all of a sudden democrats are against leaks. you mentioned julian assange and the administration. you could flip that. suddenly they are horrified that the public is going after leakers. >> i could. this started back when. the pentagon papers or
whatever. th is romance about the press. we are over it. the press is like a sovereign nation, and they are no friend of the united states. >> stupid first amendment. what were the founding fathers thinking? >> they obviously didn't have tmz. >> is that some kind of disorder? >> in the right hands it is. >> you said you are conflicted about this story that the yemeni league was really bad which i get. what is the rational for the doj not following the usual guidelines and notifying the associated press in advance it would subpoena the records? >> they are saying it could have threatened the investigation. >> how? >> any sane person would ask that question. it makes no sense. >> when you do an investigation like this and say they pull 20 phone records, phone lines. >> they are pulling the call logs off of those. you have two months of call logs and you have all of those numbers. that's a lot of numbers
considering they are reporters. now you have to investigate the numbers. now are you not just investigating the reporters, but you are investigating the private citizens. the whole thing makes no sense. you can't justify it. >> doesn't it make it harder to find the needle in the hey stack? >> don't get me wrong. i am right on board of finding out the source of the leak. but you don't do it this way. we have a much easier way. >> water boarding, right? >> again, i keep going back to the same thing. maybe somebody will be listening over at the doj. polygraph the people who had access to this information. >> it was biden. >> it was somebody at the white house. >> we all know it was biden. >> do you think it was biden because biden didn't know any better? he leaks. >> he ran into a guy from the ap and they were on amtrak. >> everything he was talking about was a yemeni situation. >> didn't he do that in a way with the seal team 6?
they told him not to say stuff. he was doing it because he was talking about it. >> and you remember the fuss over valerie plame? remember the leak? the fact that this woman happened to work for the government doing spreads in "vanity fair" and married to a high profile ambassador. they went crazy over that and this was just a manufacturing -- >> i love how wrangle doesn't want to compare obama to nixon. what obama has done is so much worse than breaking into a hotel. it is so much worse. there is no comparison. >> seriously? >> what nixon did creating the epa was much worse. >> i want to ask mike a question about ryan fogel, the guy kicked out of russia for spying. you talk about the wig. the fsb says he was in
possession of two floppy wigs and three pairs of glasses and a map of moscow when he was detained. is this austin powers? >> you know what, sometimes -- who knows. i don't want to speculate about what the story was or who he is with and what was going on. all i am saying is you have to dumb things down. in the world of spies, sometimes they are the best things. >> have i to go. >> all right, andy, coming up i am all buzzed, and it is all because, this is how we do it. south central, does it like, nobody does, this is how we do it. that's what steve dosey sent me. so urban. and we are doing an interview with pen -
will donald trump's ringer be the magician or the singer? this sunday marks the season finale of nbc's "allstar
celebrity apprentice." have i been watching it every week even though i can't pronounce it. the final two players are country music star trace adkins and next to me penn gillette, an illusionist, a comedian. he has a pod cast. penn sunday is where you can find it. join me on my quest as we ride into penn station. >> i have ice cream. >> explain why you have ice cream. >> how many people do you know that have your picture on the ice cream carton. >> thanks for ruining the joke. >> i was going to set him up for a milk carton empty person. >> i have my picture. >> i love megan's law humor. it is so fun. >> what flavor is this? >> this is vanilla chocolate magic swirdle. you know why? turtle is copy writed and this
is caramel and chocolate. >> wouldn't it be great if you actually had a real turtle? if there was real turtle meat that would be nice revenge -- who owns the copyright to turtle? >> are you talking about the animal or the character on "entourage." >> i can't have any. >> you can't have any? >> she can't have the gluten. >> get off the set. you are out of here. i'm kidding. we haven't even said what this is about. >> easy, bill. >> you are a finalist on "the apprentice" and you had to come up with an ice cream. you sell the most ice cream? >> it is at wallgreens and the one who sells the most ice cream will get $100,000 for their charity. my charity -- >> can i tell you something? this is fantastic. you are a great man and a hero to libertarians like me across the globe. number one.
number two, don't listen to trace adkins with the whole food allergy thing. >> he is not doing food allergy this year. >> he will go on with the ice cream with that. make sure you have a -- >> he put nuts in his! trace atkins' flavor is i believe macadamia nut, dirt and carpet fibers. >> that's amazing. >> so people can buy this. >> yes, they buy this and it is -- you know, there is the charity that is so great is for people with intellectual disabilities. instead of warehousing them it moves them into jobs. most rnt poo, it -- most important it was elvis' favorite charity. when he would take the scarfs around his neck and take them off and wife his brow and every one of those scarfs was made by the people at intellectual disabilities being trained. every one of those scarfs was made and kissed by a person at opportunity village and then
kissed by the king of rock and roll and then thrown into the audience. >> the only thing is when he would kiss it, it would get herpes. everyone who wore the scarf got herpes. >> i have one of the scarfs from elvis. and i have herpes. there you go. >> according to statistics it would make sense. five of us at the table and that is the 20%. >> it is not the black swan. it is still a white swan. >> so obviously duane reid and walgreens is involved. you are not supposed to say out loud the prescription you are getting. >> do they do that? >> sometimes, yes. >> are you talking about your zocore? do you have the herpacin? >> i think they are not familiar with the prescription and they just say it. >> it is chlamidarid.
>> i like that they are not going to a stupid commune. like ben and jerry's, you buy ben and jerry's and it is going to bernie sanders or like cuba. it is going to cuba. >> this is going to a -- i think think -- opportunity village is micah and i was -- is my cause and i was bummed because i thought trace adkins would choose the american nazi party. the red cross is good. >> the red cross is no salvation army. >> that's true. >> that's what you should say. great, everybody that is red cross you should have done salvation army is ginning lig. they are out there earning. >> and using so much more of their money for administration than actually giving it to poor people. what are poor people going to do with it? administrators can handle it better. >> isn't that the big beef? they spend a lot of money on administration.
>> many, many, many of those groups you have to use and you have to do something for administration. >> he should have sent his money to kris-kross. didn't they just lose somebody? >> did you say? >> you know what haix this? >> the sea salt. >> with trace adkins, remind him about hurricane katrina and where was the red -- red cross? >> i love how we are helping him try to bash the red cross. >> the red cross killed my father. >> it is terrible. we should be happy. we have to take break. do have i to take a break? more with penn gillette. "joy of hate" autographed copy g tony used priceline to book this 4 star hotel. tell 'em why. free breakfast
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chase liquid. so you can.
"celebrity apprentice" finalist penn gillette. it is this sunday and it is live. >> it is live jiecht who do you butt heads with the most on that show? >> on that show? i found ways to get along with everybody. gary busey, if you were on ed
sullivan in the 60s, you would want to be on the show with the beatles. that's all that is remembered. 30 years from now, all they will remember of "celebrity apprentice" gary busey. he dances beneath the diamond sky with one hand waiving free. he is silhouetted by the sea. there is no filter whatsoever. he says what pops into his head. he is not lying. he says he is going out on the terrace to smoke a cigar and talk with his indian guide. i am telling you as a skeptic, i believe him 100%. there is not the slightest bit of a light inserted. his world has an indian guide. >> what is this indian guide saying? >> i don't know. >> what is his obsession with farts? >> i don't know, but he likes them. >> he likes other people farting. it is usually the other way around. >> he's crazy. >> why am i asking you? what is the worst part of
being on "saw problem --" celebrity apprentice"? there a lot people don't know about? >> no. the first year i expected it to be tremendously disingeneral wise and reading lines behind the camera. the shocker, the thing i wasn't ready for is it is essentially an honest show. the story they tell is one of the stories that is true about that. >> every one of your friends must ask how much time you spend with the donald and do you talk politics? >> that boardroom, you have to be very, very careful not to frat fratnize. he does like three-hour boardrooms. you say so on the task -- global warming what do you think? you say, okay. gary busey, what is happening in iraq? it is just him speaking with other people and having a good
time and relaxing. you are focused on the show. he is just having a good time. he wail wile throw out anything. i'm sure he has corned you on obama. >> i had do one of the money things and i had the atheists come in with a huge check at the same time glen beck came in with a huge check. we were there with glen beck paraphenalla and two big checks and donald trump says in the boardroom you have the american aethiest bring you a lot of money. and glen beck brought you a lot of money. and you had them show up at the same time. why do you do that? to show off, sir. why did they both give you money? they care about a good charity and they are friends and they got along great. i am so proud that everybody
else on the show has these little niches. these are the people who agree with mooy on everything. i have people -- i had lawrence o'donnell, junior and glen beck helping me. i like having people i disagree with tremendously and still get along with. otherwise you don't ever grow. you don't ever learn things. it was a chance to show things off. they can get along because they are people. >> you like a person who if you know their first two opinions and their third one is trent, that's the person. >> if you talk to somebody who is a grateful dead fan and against nuclear power and then against gmo's you say we have nothing else to say. if they give you two and then the third one throws you off you say i have something to learn. >> if there is a deadhead and a porn freak who is a lifetime
member of the nra. >> and his name would be greg gutfeld. >> i am not a big fan of the grateful dead. >> i was when i was younger. >> what i have not been able to find, but what i found was drugs es in my life. i never -- >> the night is young. >> i never found anyone who has that situation and likes the grateful dead. the velvet under ground there were the sex miss -- the sex pistols. i never found somebody who was totally sober and i saw it for three and a half hours. really nice musical ideas. >> a person who believes you have to own 80 versions of "fire on the mountain" and each version is different. they need drugs penn, always a pleasure. an all allstar celebrity
apprentice. thanks to kennedy, bill schulz, mike baker. ice cream, go and get it. it is for a have a great friday.
>> bill: the o'reilly factor is on. tonight. >> have a legal responsibility to inform others of the truth and you don't share that truth? that's what called? >> i always answer questions truthfully, mr. camp. >> bill: the fired head of the irs getting grilled today on capitol hill. but as usual he knows nothing. >> i don't have names for you, mr. brady. i'm willing to try to find that out. >> bill: we have very precise irs coverage tonight and talk to a man who got hammered by that agency. >> give meme stuff. >> stuff right now. >> i'm sorry. >> bill: students are attacking teachers all over the u.s.a. but now the los angeles school district says they will no